Solving Problems Creatively Together: How to Build Group Intelligence

hands joining in the centre

Intelligence and creativity can be actively developed. This is true not just for individual people, but also for groups of people—teams, businesses, families, cities.

Sometimes people think that phenomena like Silicon Valley and 15th century Renaissance Florence occur because a lot of very smart people happen to come together at one place at one time. But no. There’s compelling evidence that it’s the opposite of that: it’s in their coming together that certain groups of people create and develop their individual and collective intelligence.

In this blog, Annie Murphy Paul pulls together the research on how group intelligence can be intentionally developed, and makes seven evidence-based recommendations for people interested in fostering that kind of productive creativity. Her practical suggestions include choosing team members carefully (that is, people who are good at reading each others’ social cues); sharing the floor (ensuring no one dominates and no one hangs back); ensuring face-to-face time (not just online); and four more.

‘How to Increase Your Team’s Intelligence,’ in Annie Murphy Paul’s Brilliant Blog:

The research behind the recommendations:


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